Definitions of a Believer

I first heard these words spoken a few years back, and something stuck. So much so that I hunted down the clip, rewrote it word for word, and tucked it away in a box at the back of my cupboard. Either way, if it was precious enough to keep – it’s worth the share …

” … He believes that the birth of something is when it’s at its most beautiful. That children do not grow up to know better – they grow up to know worse. He’ll tell you he has two moods. Pissed off or Ok. Never Happy.

Blood is thicker then water but worth more then a dollar bill. He says that life ain’t easy and if you give a damn and do things your own way you will pay a high price. But, if you are honest – your pillar will be your piece of mind.

A man who believes in the American Dream. For you. For Me. For anyone who has not had the chance to dream. Hold your ideals and stay strong. Don’t sell your soul to the Devil in the name of greed or instant gratification. It’s about the message – not the shape of the messenger. Sing about how it is supposed to be and not how you are.

What is the value of laughter, love and happiness? Especially when you sleep with your back to your loved one and can’t tell your best friend that you love them. A world without colour is a world without sound.

So get with it and enjoy every second because the pendulum will continue to swing between a laugh and a tear. That may be as good as it gets, but that is no reason to stop trying … “


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