Rocking with the Daisies



Between all the talent and multiple stages, I sadly realized that unless I figured out how to clone myself (and fast) I’d have to miss out on some pretty awesome acts. Instead I followed my feet to the then most appealing beat, and never looked back…

Missing out on the Friday’s experience due to busy Cape Town days (yes, it happens) I joined the rest of the loved up daisy souls early on the Saturday morning. Judging by the stories and lack of expressions on some people’s faces – I’m guessing that  Friday ended up being one of those all nighter party starters.

Arriving at RTD feels a little like one of those loved-up movie scenes in slow motion. Everyone is holding hands, running into each others long last arms, or reuniting with the oldest of friends. Maybe, it’s something to do with the wild Friday nights and loosing yourself in a sea of identical tents. Who knows? Either way there was a whole lot of love going around.

Ok. OK. So I admit to falling victim to this as well.  It’s great to share happy vibes with awesome friends, and catch up over coffee /drinks / and random lining-up-to-the-bathroom meetings. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Good Music bringing people together???

This year my feet followed the beats of …

  • Idah Raichel Project -Stunning music makers, groovy sounds, and oh-so humble. Got to chat to them backstage – see ‘Music from Within’ blogpost.
  • New Holland – playing in the background in full blast. A huge musical blast up from the previous band.
  • Guy Buttery -a true guitar hero playing to a loved-up room of newbie fans. I swear I heard a pin drop.
  • Mr Cat and the Jackel – I’ve seen these guys before and I just love their vibe , always a treat.
  • HHP – pumping up the crowd and keeping the chills away with all the chart topping tracks.
  • HoneyB – finally got to see what all the buzz was about. The perfect way to groove into sunday

Then there was Springbok Nude Girls.

Perhaps the most anticipated band of the night. Most Definitely. Well they sure did pull out all the stops. With guest star appearances from the likes of Ard Matthews , Jeanie D and Jon Savage – they gave their fans all the love in the world.  Kinda felt bad for Taxi Violence and Flash Republic who had to follow that display.  But we love them anyways … so we rocked out regardless.

Now let’s not forget the feet stumping, beat pumping, hand up in the air danceaholics at the Red Bull Stage. The beats just kept coming, getting better and relentless. These guys sure get the meaning of a good party. There was just no fighting it, and you soon realise that sleep just feels overrated (until the next morning of course). From what I remember the beats went on well till 3am. So if you hoped to get some shut eye (Esp those camped out VIP style) you were clearly mistaken.

The thing that beats me is why people go to festivals, to sit in their cars listening to their own head blasting musical sounds. Or why they think 6am is a respectable hour to crack up the jam? #Yawn.  At least I got to beat the coffee que, so maybe I should be sending them a thousand thank you hallmark cards instead…  I’m still thinking about that.

Next year around, I’ll sign up for the whole 3 day experience. Make an effort to find where they hid the daisy den (???), upgrade to a camper van, and follow my feet to a different beat.

Till then – Happy daisy vibes.

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