Music from Within :: Backstage with the Idah Raichel Project

Crossing over the musical bridge, landscapes merge and people connect to a tapestry of peace, love, and the sounds of  the Idan Raichel Project.

Formed back in 2003, with sheer music making  passion, these talented musicians have placed    themselves on the world stage, playing the best of the best international festivals . Lucky us, we got to see them live in action at Rocking the Daisies 2010.

A few years back, no one had even heard of Idan Raichel. He was just another aspiring musician, playing in his mothers basement. His musical haven.

“It’s always been about the music.” he shares. “As a musician you need to look to your own music first, work on your own voice, and believe in what you have to share – the rest will follow”.

He never thought it would get to be anywhere as big as it is today, but that never stopped him from trying. “When you find that one thing that you love , and defines you, you need to push for it. You need to give yourself to your music completely, and you need a plan to take it from the bedroom to the streets”.

The project is all about collaboration. Merging cultures, sounds, languages, and creating a unique melting pot of worldly sounds. Like most artists Idan Raichel hates being put into a box. “People call it world music. Others call it folk, some call it pop. It’s music. It’s our expression. It’s a group of friends coming together and doing what we love”.

Billboard Magazine descibes them as a “multi-ethnical toure de force”

He’s just happy to have people listening, moving, and being a part of the universal experience. He’s just sharing music from within his world. Music that he once referred to as the sounds of Tel Aviv. Music that speaks about his world, experiences and travels, and the collective.  There is no sense of entitlement – and he’s one of the humblest musicians that I’ve ever met.

Rocking the Daisies was their first trip to South Africa, but by the sounds of it it’s by far their last. Africa is in their blood and a fundamental part of their roots. There’s also a opportunity to collaborate with local artists on the cards, and having worked with South African jazz legend Pops Mohamed – an experience they speak really highly of.

Instead of waiting for the world to change (credit John Meyer) Raichel is changing perceptions across the globe. Music is amazing in that way. It really does bridge worlds. Having grown up in Isreal (a country noted for conflict), served in the army, and worked  as a counselor at a boarding school for immigrants and troubled youth,  means there is a lot of richness and undertones coming across.

A rare diamond in the dust kind of treat, that found its way into the hearts and feet of many daisy souls.