Mantras and RTD ladylike living …

‘Play Hard, Tread Lightly, more commonly known as the RTD mantra, equally best encapsulates the ethos of Terri Lee Coppin, Events Manager for Complete Events, about the South African Entertainment Industry.

Working with a small team like Complete Events means that you get to be your own kind of person. There is not doubt that it is an industry filled with buzz and possibility, but you got to keep a level head about the whole thing.

“Men introduce promises which women prefer to keep” admits Terri. “… but men have a harder time sticking to the plan of action, which means we end up taking that role and having to toughen up fast.”

Equally in an industry with just as many politics, playing hard does not mean playing dirty. “It’s important to keep that level of mutual respect. With the industry being fickle and changing constantly, just as new bands rise up the charts, you need to keep a level of consistency. You’ll work ten times harder to get there, but you’ll be all the better for it.”

As with most, Terri had anticipated a slightly different profession in Advertising, but two years ago she got bit by the Daisy bug and since then has never looked back. The entertainment industry might not be all that glamourous, and you need to be able to handle the dirt, but it sure does have its moments.

“People seem to think that the Entertainment Industry is glamourous, but I know that I have never worked so hard in my life,” admits Terri. “In this industry you’ve got to be tough. It helps being one of the boys, even though it has it perks to be a girl” Terri admits.


Such as girl-shaped incentives and glossy pamper-me-ups, especially when you are roughing it with the daisy bugs and musical landscapes. “We are really proud of the Daisy Den. It gives women a place to go and feel special, so even if you have to rough it in a camp like city, you still gets all the perks, and get to look glamourous”.

From simply lounging about, freshening up in front of a sparkling mirror, and private luxury bathrooms… It’s the ultimate indulgence any girl could have at a Music Festival, and a one of a kind treat. “It was such a hit, and some girls really took it for all its worth” Terri adds.

Rocking the Daisies has also graced many fashionista blogs, leading the way in music festival fashion. “There really are so many beautiful people out there, and we love the way they create their own Daisy Identity. Looking good, feeling great, and amazing music is what RTD is all about. We are not just another rock festival. It’s about music and lifestyle.”