In persuit of happiness

How far would you go in the pursuit of happiness? It seems like some people never even get started. They prefer to live out their days knowing this is as good as it can get. That way when the pendulum does swings back, then it will not have to travel so far, and they won’t end up risking so much emotion.

Yesterday, I treated myself to watching Eat | Prey | Love and marvelled at risk of chasing the dream as opposed to dreaming of the chase. Not a lot of people would give up everything to find something.

It makes me feel a lesser kind of madness for letting my thoughts doodle off to living out my days in a beach bar in Tahiti (for the simple notion of moving halfway across the world, to an unknown world to find myself, and be this amazing version of myself that I have yet to meet).

I’ve been told that happiness is in my cards. Just writing those words seems strange. Not that I do not believe in happiness, but rather the fact that we go out in looking for confirmation. Is that not in itself a pursuit….?

Every now and then, we cross paths with a human angel (or maybe the real thing) who sets us right again, or confirms we are onto a good thing. Once again I find myself having an interesting encounter.

Down tempo at Long Street Cafe, and all of a sudden I’m aware of the gorgeous presence hovering over me.  A young, trendy, Ethiopian woman leans over my shoulder  inquisitively. “What you doing? You look important and completely adsorbed in  something”. With that we struck up a conversation. I explained that I was updating my blog, collecting my thoughts, and gearing up towards something …

She replied,

“Isn’t it strange how now everyone is looking to find their feet, define themselves and makeover their soul? Finally we are taking a good look at ourselves and being pro-active and hopeful again. It’s all about knowing who you are.”

Then as strangely as it started, so it ended. She returned to the other side of the room, just outside my line of vision … and here I am , again fully aware of the writing on the wall. There is no clear voice saying do this or that,  but this feels right…

Someone asked if I’ll head of for another Tarot Reading anytime soon. She’s convinced from her own experience that this woman is wrong, in the hopes of another answer. Truth is, I still feel like things are on track and I’m in the right place for rainbows …. Ok, so the infamous this-is-the-one love relationship didn’t happen. Yet. More then likely I read to much into that particular set of cards.  That does not mean it won’t happen (enter someone new).

Give or take a couple of life’s complexities, I think I’m just a fool reaching out, about to step off a ledge. Maybe this is my second chance in pursuit of happiness… and a leap of faith.