Music from days gone by | Crowded House

 At some point, while still a babe, the music crept in and play-listed its way into my life’s soundtrack. There it remained, in waiting. That all changed last night, when catchy tunes and forgotten favourites replayed themselves to a room filled with sing-along twenty-something’s, nostalgic grownups, and baby faced newbie’s.

 The Grand West Arena could not be more fitting, lit with glowing relics of a  world gone by (teddy bears, overgrown mushrooms, and fairylike geese). This meant that for one night, and one night only, anyone could be a kid again. Talk about a blast from the past. Some even had the fashion to prove it.

The night was shaping up to be a one of a kind performance, from flight delays, to creative impromptus – I wondered who was having more fun? Was it the audience or the band? Something makes me think that they were the biggest kids of the night. More then that, I wonder what tricks they have lined up for the rest of their SA tour (so please do share your stories…).

Of course in times like these, it’s only natural to stand up and dance like Pulp Fiction. Big cheers to the couple in the front row that showed the rest of the audience the real meaning of dancing like there is no ones watching. Although they were highly entertaining, they could do nothing to steal the attention off the main attraction (even a planned wedding proposal – congrats, I still think it’s pretty sweet).

 I must admit I was suprised by the lack of advertising this gig received. Sure, Daughtry might be more relevent to todays date – but that does not mean they have the right to completely over power an act that’s worked, sweated, and played their hearts and souls out since 1977… Have a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Murphy’s Law, between bad lighting and my camera playing tricks of various technical natures – I hardly snapped a decent photo of the band. You can’t have it all. The only other thing missing was a piece of chocolate cake (although, I really tried to suppress the temptation) but at least it made the set list.

With a repertoire of amazing songs, and a new album on promotion, we could have had another day to fill out the Encore. Yet the second that Crowded House returned to the stage, they set off a relentless set of classics, absorbing the fans, holding their attention, dancing feet and swaying hips till the very last second… Of course, they won over the crowd from the moment they walked onto the stage.  The rest was just a much deserved bonus.

 Then the dreamy lights flicked their last shimmer, and with that a few generations of music came to an end. The all too familiar sounds creep into a background, till the next revival. 

PS Don’t dream it’s over


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