It’s all a matter of luck…

Who ever said bird poop was lucky must have had a cruel sense of humour. I’m all for wishing on stars, chasing rainbows and good karma, but this is pushing it.

Let’s set the record straight, it wasn’t me. A friend of a friend, was most not impressed when a questionable substance appeared on her jeans. Furthermore it turns it was a dribble of chocolate chip icecream from a wild child on the loose. (but that’s not the point). This all got me wondering  how this little myth came into being and why it’s still alive and kicking (and very possibly laughing itself into a bellyache)?

Google. The Holy Grail with all the answers…. gave me nothing. Ziltch. Naddathing, apart from amusing rantings of various pooped out people at war with luck. One blog says it all comes down to the kind of poop it is… which proved to be the most entertaining read of the lot (click here to check it out)  Personally I liked to think that random poop, or even strategic poop can never be a good thing. (and I’ve had my share of it).  Let’s just leave it at that.  It’s all a matter of luck, but that does not mean it has to be of the good kind.

I suggest you find your own luck, and leave the birds and messy accidents to chance…. and always carry a kleenex.

“Luck is believing you’re lucky. – Tennessee Williams