A new kind of something

Looks like the South African Film Industry has a new trend on the cards, the unexplained and supernatural.

In respects to the international success of District 9, it seems like there may be an end to the political/historical genre that South African filmmakers have clung onto with claws extended. Now is the dawn of the Vampire. A cult classic made popular again by that Twilight thing (seriously, you can’t make me go back there) and it is set to plague South Africa soon enough (consider this just part of the warning)

Now, I know there will be tons of ‘Grumplings’ calling our film industry copycats, sellouts, or Hollywood wannabes, and try to boycott the whole thing. You know the usual:: chants, rain dances, and social media thumbs down. There’s always someone who is going to point bad karma and the sorts, but you have to learn to play nice!

Personally, I find it refreshing to think the SA Film Industry is not looking at the same old typecast formula. Afterall, you have to start somewhere,so you might as well made a quick buck off the vampire franchise before it crumbles into ash.

Sneak a peak at the unofficial trailer ::

Maybe there’s hope for me to relive my film aspirations and try and make another film (I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I did the film thing, once long ago, didn’t I?) Maybe, this film will give the SA film industry a fighting chance to recharge and reinvest … maybe …….


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