scribbles and lyrics :: Josie Field

There is something about Josie Field that has the audience in wonder. She might only be 26 but she has the world listening…

Josie Field is no newbie to music, nor is she an overnight sensation. Like most of us, Josie kept a diary growing up, in which she collected musings that birthed its way into lyrics. It was then, that she picked up a guitar and started strumming to her own rythem, unaware of the path that lay ahead.

Playing around where ever she could, Josie was determined to take things to the next level. Yet, things where not really happening as she had hoped, and the idea of that “lucky break”  was replaced with hard work and a go getter attitude.

Finally in 2006 , with the right team on board she was able to make her debut album “Mercury”.  This was followed 2 years later with her latest album ” Leyland” which is still getting radio play. Josie is the first to admit being a solo woman singer-songwriter in a musical landscape littered with straight-up commercial acts hasn’t been easy. However, it’s never stopped the critical acclaim that has come from multiple nominations including three nods at the 15th Annual MTN South African Music Awards in 2009 (one in the fiercely competitive and highly-coveted Best Female Artist category). Her most recent nomination in the 2010 took the shape of a MK Awards for her video for ‘Law of Attraction’.

Josie clearly knows what she wants and what it takes to get there. It’s both refreshing, liberating and aspiring to see. More then that, it’s about the lyrics.

“I like the idea of fitting into a ‘song-writers’ box because I think it’s the only real thing that differentiates me from other female singers, I guess I feel I’m a songwriter above everything else.  We are emotional beings and art triggers feelings. There is no escaping it – it is self expression, its embedded within all of us.”

Recently I came across a track that Josie did as part of the Levi’s DivaRock Collab. It’s a fitting ending to this story in the making …Me for Me


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