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As part of my November challenge I decided I really need to read more… Preferably something a little more offline and a little less glossy. Something like a book a week, and if I was really good 5 or 6. I might as well go all out. The notion of joining a book club had crossed my mind, but I really didn’t have the time for it. I wanted to do this on my own terms with the books that I wanted to read.  Of course, a few suggestions were welcomed. Thanks for those.

Week One – Julia & Julie

It’s one of the few cases were I can proudly say that I’ve read the book before seeing the movie. Considering that Meryl Streep is on my tops list for favourite actors that really says a lot.

Week one started semi late, and I already had a few things on my plate that needed my attention. So reading was to be a compulsory by-thing. The word compulsory also has its own demons. There were times I wanted to skip to the end and just say that I did. It’s no reflection on the book, or at least I don’t think it is, it’s just life being life. Gee. What a great start to the challenge.  Week two wasn’t going to give much mercy either.

At the end of this week,  I found myself in a seaside restaurant with next to no ambition to eat a thing. The book was not squeamish( apart from the thought of eating brain, and the terrible tales of crayfish / lobster, and marrowbone) but I still found myself with a lesser appetite.

I decided to order something light and small. So I opted for Calamari. Yes. Octopus. I’m fully aware of what I’m eating. But I hate it when they mix in those baby whole calamari heads.  It really puts the meal in perspective, and the appetite under a rock. I always find myself thinking about it.  Here is this yum calamari ring of semi decent size, next the a miniature replica of the real deal. I then end up wondering how big my Octopus is and immediately, I see the whole thing looking back at me from my plate. Damn vivid imagination.


Week Two:  The Zahir

How does he do it? How on earth did Paulo Coelho get so ‘smart’? If I could invite 5 famous people to dinner, he’s place would be set. Hopefully by then I’d be able to string a decent Spanish sentence together, and his English would be world class. Remind me to pick up a copy of his biography and subscribe to his blog. I adore the fact that he questions everything. I love the way he spins everything into a new perspective. You might already know it – but you still get one of those aha moments. Bliss.  The Zahir is my third completed read from the Coelho series. It joins the much celebrated “Alchemist” and seductive “Eleven Minutes”. The “Manual of the Warrior of light” is also on my bookshelf. However, I feel that’s not the kind of book you devour in one read. PS. It also great to read something that you can personally relate to. I’d love to write a book like this that feels so universal and personal in the same beat.  Who knows. Maybe one day.


Week 2 endings : The rule of four

I really love Dan Brown Books. I’ve got all 4 sitting on my bookshelf (with recommendations to share) Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress. I haven’t read the latest, The Lost Symbol, but judging the others it will be just as brilliant. Dan Brown gets you addicted to reading with his rich, suspenseful, vibrant writing that makes you turn the page. Dan Brown did not write this book.Two others guys did. Apparently it took them nearly 6 years to complete… and it feels like it could take just that long to read it. It’s not bad, But I’m on page 200 and still wondering when the action is going to start. This whole Hypnerotomachia Poliphili something-or-other sounds a little hardcore for my liking. It seemed a little much. Then again, you have to give credit where credit is due. Writing a book ain’t no easy task. Finishing a book is hard enough. Getting a Publisher to take a risk on it is the other thing. The thing is they did it. It might not be the best. I’m certainly not raving to buy your very own copy or follow-up on the related reading. I’m still deciding what I feel about this book. Once I know, so will you.

PS This whole thing of codes and subplots and hidden messages all sounds very appealing… More than that it’s a declaration of devotion. If any of this is right, The real author of that Hypner…Polihili thing is both a genius and mad.


Week three :: Ash Wednesday

This week I opted in for a light-hearted, fun, quick read by the uber talented Ethan  Hawke. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, he’s an Author… and yes this is his second book (not that I read the first, but my sources tell me they are unrelated). With only 200 easy to read pages, this was exactly what I needed after last weeks back2back reading stunt. That just left my head reeling. Little did I know that it was going to be soooo french. Now I’m no saint, but newsflash, I’m no Mills and Boom kinda girl. Luckily it was just a short-lived phase…

Ethan Hawke is soooo Ethan Hawke. Just like the films Before Sunrise, After Sunset, and Waking Life, this book echoes all that stuff about life he delves into. He might not have the legacy of Paulo but he sure it keen about the meaning of life (and is not that very far off either).

Life really is a winding road… and you never know what’s around the next bend. Stop stalling and get busy living….


Week 4:: Do not call me a quitter! I’ve done my fair share of reads this month and I’m a happy camper (so there!)

This week is all shapes busy and I love it! I would not change it for the world. I know that if I had to start a read now, simply to squeeze in another couple 100’s pages, would do the book no justice. No matter how good of a read it is. If you follow my blog, you’ll understand. If not toughies! But I never quit…


I wonder what this set list says about me? Can you really define people by the books they read..? Interesting Call.What is more interesting is that most of these books trend Happiness.I love that. I’m all for the yellow brick road (hmmm, another read)…. I’m impressed to proudly say that throughout November I’ve read 4 books. 1565 pages.  What’s more interesting is what book I’ll pick up next. I might not commit myself to as many reads in the following months, but this project is all about baby steps. Just keep adding to the mix. Never stopping. Always moving.

Keep those suggestions coming… I’m not really fussed what kind of good it is as long as it is a real good page turning kinda read….


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