Fushion:: A Jai Ho review

Behind the three colours on the Indian flag, unfolds a rich techno-coloured tapestry of stories, legends, and true Bollywood production.This is no ordinary concert. Least of just another gig. It’s a bombastic spectacle in every level. All 3 hours of it.

Floating in and out of different realms and spectrums with graceful ease, you lose yourself in the whole thing. Sure, an understanding of language helps, but music transcends that. Through music, dance and imagination you get the full experience of this extravaganza and simply get bedazzled in the whole evening’s gala. This is a true collective of world encounters (I mean even MJ popped by to moon walk one last time) fused together with brilliant effects.

Now about those effects: A few weeks back I got a call from the Staging company, AVL Productions HQ in Dubai, asking me to stop by Jai Ho and check out all the new toys they had to share with South Africa. A sucker for new experiences and a lover of all kinds of weird, wonderful, and good quality music, I set about securing my VIP seat. For any of those who know me or read my blog, you’d know that I am a huge lover of world music….So this was just the right kind mid-week daydream inspired inspiration I was craving. Even as I write this in Sinns, Wembley Square, Asian Fusion becomes the radio waves.

Sitting there watching this alter-universe unravel before my eyes, I was speechless. How could I possibly put into words what I saw? How could I paint the tale and tell you how in awe I was. Let’s start with once upon a time….

Once upon a time,  a undesribed world, forgotten in time and space, gets illuminated under the bright aurora sky lights. A lifetime flashes before your eyes. You’re not to sure which way you’re travelling, but you let yourself go with the flow. The ruins of mesopotamia come to life and next thing you know you’re past the place of no return.

Full Review to be posted on Overtone Magazine. Links will follow as soon as it is up.


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