The After Effect | Post Synergylive

The battlefield is deserted; abandoned ruins, semi deconstructed stages. Litter, beer cans and cigarette buds (none of which are mine). I swear I’m a good camper…. but that’s regardless. The aftermath is unavoidable. This is my post Synergylive Festival weekend reportage.

As the weekend drew to an end, and the journey home seemed like something out of bumper cars, I have inherited the following:

Long lost Identical twins – Will the real Lena Ski please stand up?

Turns out I have an identical twin. Arriving at the gates of Synergy, my identical twin (which happens to be male) claimed to be me, and got free all-access media passes to the festival for him and a buddy.ID theft is a nasty little bugga. (Although it should never have been allowed to come to that) Thanks to the Festival Organisers (esp. Gwen) for sorting this out and letting us in.

Blisters – Even a semi deformed blister that had yet to reach its critical potential is a nasty thing to get (Especially if you plan to really appreciate the music and dance into the early hours of the morning). Note to self:: avoid these if at all possible.

Dancing feet, starry nights – A lover of star gazing, there is nothing like dancing below a starry sky. Even though it wasn’t the brightest night out, it seemed semi perfect (with a smoke machine on the go capturing playful children of the night). I tried really hard to last out till 2am to blend it up with Goldfish, but Killer Robot was killing me (and my feet). Only the electro stage remained open trying to catch the mass Feeder exodus, with its intense flurry of beats.

Sleepy Eyed – Musical Festivals are notorious for late nights and early mornings. Living up to expectations, I only started the long walk to my bed well after 02h30am.

I learnt a very interesting fact this weekend. My car alarm works automatically. In other words, it switches it self on. All fine, safe, and dandy unless your car happens to be your bed for the night. I don’t tent. I don’t even have a tent, and if I had one I would most probably not know what to do with it (Though I’m pretty sure I’d figure it out and pitch it right way up. Or get a flirt strategy on the go with that Cutie down the road.) I’m pretty sure you can figure out what happened, but in the interest of being damn entertaining, let me fill you in.

I get in my car and get ready for the chilly night ahead (or what was left of it) by prepping my bed, wiping off make up, and freshening up. I notice the car alarm is on. Bugga. I was pretty sure I switched it off when I got in, reach for my keys, and demobilise. A couple more minutes pass and I wonder if having a tent would really be such a bad option. Suddenly the mordorian red eyes flickers on, watching my every move. Shit.

The alarm goes off. I look like such a fool, trying to find my keys. Security is closing in, and a couple sleepy heads turn grumpy towards me.Bugga. Bugga.Bugga.

For the next 25 minutes I lie there, switching my alarm off every time it pops back on. This pretty much suxs. My eyes are struggling to stay open.

I consider smashing it. Really. I even look around for props, but decide that forking out cash to fix something you beat to a pulp is not worth it.

Then I decide to give up. I’ll leave the alarm on and will spend the rest of the night comatosed in one position. Not even moving a finger. I fall asleep.

Next thing a group of rowdy Musos walk past banging up a huge noise. I get a fright. Sit up to see what the noise is all about and set of the alarm. For the next couple of seconds (which felt like a million and one) I again hunt down my car keys. I try another trick. It does not work and manage to reach my keys before the alarm goes off again.

I spend the rest of night with very limited movement. If I have to move (because my leg feel asleep or something random) I had to de-beep my alarm and settle myself into a new pose, while counting down how much time I had to work with, before time’s up.

6am. Campers next door crank up the radio and finish beers. The rest of the VIP camp site comes to life. I was already wide awake with the birds, watching the sky turn shades.

Empty wallet syndrome – Sometimes it does wonders being a good girl. Festivals are not notorious places for those, but I decided to play it right. RTD dug a trench in my wallet and I was hoping to not get tricked into that so easily this time around. So I only drew R100 and spent my weekend counting pennies and prioritising purchases. It also helped to have amazing price tags on everything. Loved the guys for that!

Nevertheless, money walks. It literally sprouts legs, bungees out your wallet, and treats itself to a damn good night. Slippery little things.

PS Ferdi, Whatever happened to that freebie round of cocktails eh?

Blue Eyed Wonder – I still don’t really know what that blue thing was but I promised that it deserved a mention.

Music Festivals and Amusement Parks made for a mega interesting combo. As you know I didn’t have heaps of cash on me, so I missed the thrills of being plunged and twirled around. I wonder what the blue thing did. I saw people go in but I never stuck long enough to see them come off .There was always other distractions* competing for my attention. This in itself made me chuckle, and it made the blue thing that much more elusive…

Bronze lines – In keeping with the powers of positive things (and the law of attraction) I hereby dub this as a tan. No it’s not going to fade. No it’s not going to peel. No I’m not going to pick up curses.

This is the new sun kissed me (because lets face it Snow White is a little old and Prince-less) and sun looks good on you.

Fresh – The best thing about coming home from a Music Festival is getting good, and clean, and fresh (tra-la-la).

Memories – I love bumping into happy faced people. (Especially those that won tickets to be there, and seemed overjoyed at the smallest of things) Hanging out with the photy paparazzi and friends, even running into some old faces was a blast from the past. Cheers to that!

My Top Ten Bands to see at Synergy Live 2010

Firstly I would like to apologise to all the bands that played Friday. Yet again I managed to be fashionably late and only arrived on Day 2 (Saturday).

I’m sure you did great, but I can’t be bribed into getting you on my list. So stop with those puppy faced eyes, you know I like you too.

1.      Prime Circle

2.      aKing

3.      Mix n Blend

4.      Rudimentals

5.      Napalma

6.      Afro Punk

7.      Flash Republic

8.      Feeder

9.      Hog Hoggity Hog

10.  Fire through the Window

Feeder may have been a big band of the night. They only get a second to last rating because I don’t really know their music that much. They had a couple tracks worth mentioning though (which were right at the end of the set) that put them in a wholelot more perspective for me.

Read the official article about Synergy Live on Overtone Magazine

On an unrelated note, here’s a funky music video that best gets my weekend vibe. Enjoy….


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