Drinking Tea, in a bar, by the roadside

Swirling the teapot, waiting for the peppermint to infuse my tea, I happen to get a glance of the room. I catch the eye of two fancy middle-aged suits sitting a little further down, one of which gives me wink. (grumble) I also notice that its 10h10 and they are already enjoying a chilled beer. On the other side of the room there is a young hippy like girl swirling the umbrella in her cocktail. The only person I find of reassurance in the room is the tourist gulping down his second espresso, as if it were a shooter midst some wild night’s party. 10h25.

I wonder if I missed the memo. Or am I the strange one for ordering peppermint tea midweek,midday, at a popular Long Street café, and whether or not there is such a thing as respectable hour to start drinking alcohol??? All plausible questions that I was not going to amuse.

It’s almost time for my 11h00 meeting, so I make an effort to quickly jot down some notes. Given Cape Town time, I knew I had a little time on my hands. Not as much as I hoped, but just enough to shape the startings of this blog post.

The day was shaping up to be another eventful day, my favourite kind in fact. The right blend of buzz, with a dose of busyness and a splash of to-do’s(I’m also a junkie when it comes to those). It’s the typical Wednesday (Maybe that midweek slump explains the morning need for alcohol). This week in particular proved to be a little more oomph than before.

Speaking of shaping up, my exercise regime hit me with a vengeance. Tuesday morning had seen me take a walk on the beach (which was actually a short-lived attempt to learn to appreciate running) and then a super sexy Nia class with no holding back. I felt fab yesterday, but right now – there’s a tingley sensation and a bit of a speed wobble. Despite that, I aim to have a fully ‘va-va-voom’ full day and rockstar night out. Yup, I’m at it again.

I’m surprised how Tuesdays have become rather busy days on my expanding social calendar… It seems like there is always the next do to go to, which means by sunday I’m pooped. This is going to be one of those ultimate weeks of mega awesome things. (keep reading this blog to stay up to date with the adventures). There was something on really cool last night, but I just could not get my feet to follow each other out my front door. Despite the fact that I was all dress up and rearing to go (on the inside).

Swirling the pot around, I peer in the now cold teapot hoping to see my future. All I see is more peppermint leaves. Hmmm…not nearly as informative as I had thought.

Now the nature of the meeting is something that I can’t go into. It’s not the right place or time. And I’m tempting to throw in that old line ‘If I tell you I have to kill you’. Seriously, it’s nothing hectic. It’s just a meeting. Who is interested in that? One thing I can tell you is that the day didn’t end there. With 3 back 2 back meets and another one on standby it was really a go-go-go shaped midweek day.

After all was said and done I realised I should have ordered coffee instead. Another question beckons, will I last the night out at the launch of Dan Shouts big album launch…?


One thought on “Drinking Tea, in a bar, by the roadside

  1. it’s all an inkblob anyways. I mean really how can tealeaves shape up into anything worthy of an image. Let alone a future.

    besides it more about keeping the glass half full rightio?


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