you little schmoozer…

While others are out and about squeezing more time into their weekend, I’m the gal sitting in Wembley Square savouring every moment. Watching life pass, exuding panache, business suits and designer sports wear. I’m the one busy bouncing away the keys of my laptop, singing along to Freshlyground under my breath, suddenly inspired in some shape and form. All this while drinking complimentary Amarula.

I really should stop working now. It’s Friday. It’s a curse to work past 3pm(2pm???) on a Friday in sunny Cape Town. In fact it’s a little uncool. Don’t ask me how the world got to be this way… it just is. Of course most of us don’t have the luxury to throw our feet up and whip out a Cosmo. I’d much rather be working (but I’ll have that Cosmo while I do it). Come to think of it can I call ‘living the dream’ and ‘writing a blog’ work??? That’s not the point.

Instead you should be out there in the big blue world : networking. A far better excuse to pretend to be working, while indulging in cocktails or whiskey tastings (blegh!!!)

Let me tell you something. I’m a workaholic. I’m addicted to the buzz of having something to do, and although I do appreciate a serene moment, I’d much rather be productive. Though I must admit, a great schmooze is always welcome.

I used to attend this thing called the Events Network, then found it over populated with charted accountants, lawyers, and insurance reps. Ahhhhh. No thanks. I’ll get my schmoozes elsewhere (but if I ever run into trouble I know where to find you)….

The perfect networker is illusive. You either walk into a room and know everyone or no a single soul. Knowing everyone is great, esp if these are people you can actually network with ,and not a bunch of your best buds hanging out down the road at the local bar.  Knowing no one is the ultimate. Sure you feel like a real twat, and might land up looking busy on your mobile or a wall flower.

Last week I went to the launch of The Fort. Iwas pretty sure that I would be able to find at least one person I knew. No such luck. Drink in hand I strolled around the room hoping a magical acquaintance would simply pop up. Nope. Nottathing. I saw a couple of wallflowers doing the usual tricks and started chatting to them – at the end of the night I’d spoken to 2/3rd of all the people there and made some pretty cool connections.  Moral of the story, if you are going to Schmooze you might as well do it right. (Even the organisers were impressed with the number of people I “knew” at the launch – little did they know at the time this was the first time we ever met)

Speaking of schmoozing there is an interesting chat going on at the table next to me, so excuse me if I appear a little distant. I promise I’m interested in this blog, but I can’t help eavesdrop…

1 hour later…

Well, you’re not going to believe this but I just got schmoozed into joining the table next door along with 3 other guys.
So I kinda totally forgot that I was trying to make some little point and actually get some work done. I guess when push comes to shove resistance is futile. You never know who you’re going to meet. I might as well miss the traffic and wrap up these couple emails. Yes and another freebie Amarula sounds just perfect. Time to Mix n Blend.


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