The sounds of summer

Crawling out from the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, the long-lost generation pimped out in all the appropriate attire made their way to Grandwest Arena on a Monday Night.

It was perhaps the first time I went to a show where I felt like I missed the dress code memo. I’ve never seen so many Hawaiian prints walking around before. Or the cocktail umbrellas, and flowers in your hair.

Or sunscreen and pool noodles.

At least Management put a halt to samberellos, despite the tears of two hysterical fans (really what where they thinking?) so there was hope yet. Thankfully I had my trendy purple tee with a psychedelic flower motif. It may have been more Austin Powers then Beachy Boys, but it would have to do. After all you couldn’t help but having good vibrations …

The great thing about the Beach Boys is that they still sound like the CD. This is a really good thing, coz the last thing you want to do is fork out cash and watch a B.E.P like production.

I would like to send one little holler out to the auspicious promoters , Hunta live productions, asking what ever happened to the local opening SA act. Crowded House had Farryl Purkiss and they also put in an extra set, so you really have no excuse but to promo awesome local talent.

(Jeanie D does not count).

Seating is complimentary, peace signs are compulsory, and scissor fingers like something out of pulp fiction. It wasn’t long before most of sleepy Cape Town was on their feet. A few remained in the sanctuary of their seats, those too old to stand and those too young to appreciate music from a past generation. The rest of us went wild child with a touch of wild thing.

But the great thing is, apart from breaking grammatical rules, no one cared.

Still I think it must be pretty romantic to get swept up in the moment, dancing in the isle, oblivious to the 6000 other people trying to have their special moment, and get lost in the music. I watched two couple dance in each others arms. One was reckless and energetic while the other, a much older couple, just swayed from foot to foot in a single spot, as if they were reliving yesterdays.

My biggest question of the night is what happened to Joey?Doing the Kokomo. I remember watching Full House and there is uncle Joey jamming it up with them legendary beach bar band. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hunt down you tube to relive the flashback.  I didn’t  find that exact memoir but this comes pretty close… (yup another infamous cellphone participation kinda song)

Another puzzle to unravel was the sudden appearance of Miss Jeanie D on stage. I think she was trying to steal the spot light, again. That did not impress anyone honey. Send Madiba up. That will get a cheer and a half. This isn’t the first time that Jeanie D pulled this stunt – but I’m hoping its she’s not thinking of setting some kinda of trend.

If that’s the case then where is my stage pass???

Just like the beginnings and endings of Love Actually, The Beach Boys arrived amidst love and left amongst tears. So it was. 10 pm and life returned to normal. The Grandwest Arena doors opened and people went back to doing their own things. At least they got to see the Beach Boys. Live. In Cape Town.


PS. Surfs up. Time to hit the beach.


3 thoughts on “The sounds of summer

  1. No freaking way. No J Stamos. No more Full House reruns….. No more Beach Boys.
    Dammit. I keep missing all the really NB things.

    1. Yup. Full House memoirs were the ultimate. Bring on the theme tune and yay for youtube. Guess it’s gonna have to be as good as it gets.

  2. what was up with Jeanie D? really? I mean you don’t get famous by forcing yourself on people … so don’t touch me on my BB.

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