all it takes is a little GoodLuck*

The much anticipated and long overdue debut album from GoodLuck has been popping up around South Africa hitting Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, and Johannesburg. It definitely looks like they saved the best for last. Le Chic Cape Town by way of The Fez. Lena Ski headed through to ruffle those dancing shoes….

Those lucky enough to manage a sneak peak at these new jives taking over summer – let their dancing feet do the talking. Judging by the amount of dancing going on it was all love, love, and even more love. Luckier still are those with a touch of good karma who invested in the future of SA Music.

The sounds just whirl and twirl their way around every cell of your body as they do that Electro Thing. The band has been around since late 2008, and it’s clear that they are not going anywhere (well, apart from the next tour that is). Click those heals, cling that champers glasses and party on anyway you want. There really are no rules, as long as you have a genuine good time (which is pretty self explanatory).

The Fez couldn’t have been a better place to launch the last of the late night grooves. The place was absolutely pumping with wild appreciation. So here is a heads-up on summers latest trend that’s set to stick like hot toffee sauce. If you don’t believe me, get your hands on your own copy, insert and press play. It’s as easy as that… (here’s a head start).

Bouncing yet? There’s no need to blush about it. It’s just that catchy, but in a “because I really like it” kinda way. Goodluck claims that to be the weakest track on the album. That just means the rest of the album is smoking hot. The kinda hot you would expect from a sexy jive/jazz/ groove routine…

Seems like it can’t get any better.

Though the band tells me it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s all just a sip of what coming up in 2011.

I know I’m waiting in anticipation to find out what you got in store. To lead you to that moment (and investing in SA music) here’s another glimpse at GoodLuck’s trending music video causing a stir on MK.

It’s moments like this I wished I had my very own convertible, I’d fill the space with summer vibes and a little bit of GoodLuck …


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