Stubborn little goat

CAPRICORN your Horoscope for 2011

In the first semester the little goat learns and tries to get rid of its impulsiveness. Her outbursts make her away from the herd. After a journey that shows her past and confronts her with the world of beliefs, she gets what she wants. She finishes the year straight and more attractive than ever.
Capricorn Horoscope JANUARY 2011 

It tends to indulge in pleasures neglected and enjoy doing so. Entertainment and love will be the stars. Free expression of feelings. Bohemian life. The native, will reject the concept of archaic and repressive of society. Many sentimental possibilities but few that she really likes. You can profit from gambling or family generosity. The women will surprise the natives of Capricorn with unexpected gifts;

Capricorn Horoscope FEBRUARY 2011

You must take care of impulsivity even if you then repent since it will make difficult to understand the environment. You will also carry a fierce fight for the rights of those who have less. The excitement can lead to accidents or be expressed through fever or hypertension. Sex and exercise are very important in a positive way to channel excess of energy.

Capricorn Horoscope MARCH 2011

Unstable. At times not feel particularly happy, rather feeling alone and not wanting to deal with unusual areas. To counter your look a bit hermit, you will search inadvertently to be placed at the opposite end, appearing vital, joyful, courageous and committed. Unfortunately its fluctuation will also fall in the bravado and stubbornness.

Capricorn Horoscope APRIL 2011

You will recover your energy. It is good time to initiate activities that require boldness and self-worth. A renewed pleasure awakens in the aesthetically beautiful, this will also apply to your own appearance, allowing a good dose of narcissism. Your social and sexual relations will be in an optimal time, enjoy them. Ideal Time for movings, reforms and changes in your profession.

Capricorn Horoscope MAY 2011

Intensely examine their beliefs and social commitment. You will seek new ways that will solve some mysteries. Accustomed to believe that very few ideals get past through your entrenched materialistic analysis, you will open your ears to new voices. You will seek to join groups ignored up to now and it will be difficult to decide under what circumstances it is imperative to

Capricorn Horoscope JUNE 2011

If you plan to travel unforeseen problems will arise. Some irritability could lead to problems with the authorities. Unresolved lawsuits return to your life. Do not avoid dealing with things, but always with caution. You can achieve this because the great virtue of the sign is discipline.

Capricorn Horoscope JULY 2011

You will feel powerful and attractive. Summer shakes its strong structures. Used to be discreet and conservative you can fall into love traps or let romance interfere with their business. The search for economic independence occupies the foreground. But your excessive need for solid ground will cause anxious moments that you do not know how to interpret. You can feel sure that all you wish is closer than what you can imagin.

Capricorn Horoscope AUGUST 2011

It will be hard to agree with the established rules. Impenetrable and strangely exaggerated you go back and forth between extreme confidence and doubt. You can not exercise your usual self control. Learn how to benefit from the experiences and discover the pleasure of helping those who you consider weak. In the supportive environment you recover stability and manage to pull some of that tenderness that lurks beneath your hard shell.

Capricorn Horoscope SEPTEMBER 2011

Magnetism. Sucess in new, original and creative activities. Positivism. It dares to start businesses that seem to be bold out of this world. Sharp increase in their income. Exerts a powerful pull on the imagination of others, your seduction assures an entourage of admirers.

Capricorn Horoscope OCTOBER 2011

Good luck in all directions. Thinking big is here an advantage. Accelerate your rationalists steps because things are likely to happen. The trouble is that the native is never satisfied with what he achieves. You must learn to be more secretive about your projects, probably because competition will advance. Other´s large businesses may have begun with your ideas.

Capricorn Horoscope NOVEMBER 2011

Your powerhouse moves into the past, the place where your force was more powerful, and reacts today, as if the answer to the actions generated before. Nostalgia. In some cases, grudges appear to come from the past. Try to look ahead because you will find a nice landscape.

Capricorn Horoscope DECEMBER 2011

Efficiency, prophecy and magic. You will know that knowledge is power and freedom. Open-minded and talented, that does not lose its critical capacity. Good luck in business. Do not let any opportunity pass. Winter is fired, but before it gives you new resources that you know how to take advantage of. Singularity in thought, action and emotion. Good time for starting a relationship that will start happily without your usual concerns.



3 thoughts on “Stubborn little goat

  1. well sounds like there are some big plans for the end of the year. Very Prime Circle. Very SAMUSIC lover. We need more loved up peepls like you spreading the gospel of SA Music.
    PS loved both your Synergy posts…. but this one rocked more.
    It looks like your about to be crowned the next big thing in entertainment journalism on See you at the next big gig. JHB knocks out Cape Town every day (expect summer holidays) so get your ass here and rock it like a real rock star.

    1. JHB Rocks just as hard, but sure would be good to get back up there. Cape Town beachy days are the best tho. I should be there working up that everlasting tan thats fast fading. Sigh. What’s a girl to do?
      As for 2011. What this space.

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