the promise of something red

Waking up in the early hours of the morning (1am in case your interested) I wrapped myself up and slipped out the back door…

It isn’t as wild as you might like to believe.

The distant mermer of the ocean rumbled its way in the stillness of the night. A puppy was learning to howl. While all that I could do was blow incantations at the full moon. It was day 20 and it was my first night of stargazing. Actually I wasn’t there to look at the stars at all. I was a little more interested in the moon.

The scoop was that around 01h33 the full moon would be in partial eclipse and by 02h41 there would be a complete blood moon.

The scientific term for it is Lunar Eclipse and it works a little like this

<<<<<<<<<<look this way

It’s actually pretty eerie to see the moon turn red. Clouding over as if it’s been bewitched like that. If you let your imagination run wild, who knows where your thoughts will do.

And for those without an imaginative / creative streak in then – there is always some vampire flick to reference. There seems to be an infestation of those.

I’ll never forget my first lunar eclipse. I was 13. I had heard about them, but never had the privilege of first hand encounters of the mysterious kind.

It was the perfect night. Full moon. To top off the drama it was Halloween. Not the best night for blood moons. I was watching scary movies when I wasn’t supposed to be and there was something about a vampire. It didn’t freak me out or anything, but I refused to watch horror movie no#3. The poltergeist. So I chilled out and caught in the moon beam of a full moon. It was really pretty. It was kinda strange. It started going hazy. It turned red. I freaked out… It really was Halloween.

Back to 2010.

I look back and chuckle. I really did know how to scare myself silly. I start dotting the stars into random shapes trying to find the zodiac. I’m pretty useless at this stargazing thing. I’m convinced I found the southern cross. But then I realise its off centre. So I stick to familiar territory. Orion’s Belt and the Full moon.

I could swear the man in the moon is laughing at me. He’s pulling funny faces. Taunting me with the warmth of bed. I up the game with bedtime socks and a cuppa hot chocolate and refuse to budge. The halo around the moon is just to captivating.

Every now and then, I would become aware of imaginary spiders (or the idea of spiders) and would check to see nothing is creeping up behind me. Lately I’ve had a couple bad encounters with the big hairy kind and I wasn’t looking to reliving that dramatic interlude.

I wonder if there was a magical spell in the book of spells that could extinct all spiders from my life. That would be pretty neat. It would probably involve a spider though. Maybe a random series of warped ingredients and some herb I never heard of.

I can’t believe I have been reduced to write about spiders.

It was 03h35 am and some squawky bird decided to chirp. The moon wasn’t doing much. It just hang about playing tricks on me. I think I’ve been looking at the moon for too long.

As fascinating as the promise of the blood moon could be , as alluring as my neighbours goat could be, and as metaphorical as the man at the bottom of my garden was… I decided bed might not be such a bad idea.

Creeping inside and snuggling in… I fell asleep. Grateful that it took a #fake lunar eclipse to get me out of bed to meditate and gaze at all the pretty stars. (whatever they are).


One thought on “the promise of something red

  1. So the theory is they got the times and date wrong. It’s actually happening tonight…
    That means tonight is full moon + blood moon + summer solstice
    I wonder what the Zodiacs say about that?

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