The night we danced…

It started in the car and wrapped itself up in a countdown into the New Year. It was great. Actually. Pretty freaking brilliant. See I told you that 2011 is gonna be amazing. It already is.

The wind howled its nasty blow. It snaked and hissed its way around every part of Cape Town (and I should know coming from the deep south). As relentless as it was to invade yet another NYE celebration, it rocked ever crevasse of the road to 2011. I’m not to sure if it was the security that stopped the wind dead in its track, or the all to familiar Balkan beats. There in Harrington street : it paused, jived a little, bowed its top hat to the DJ, and let the party be.

Hopa! Welcome to a Nu World and here’s to 2011. Happy New Year Shebangs!!!

There are no real rules to these sorts of parties other then to never, and under any circumstance , stop dancing. It helps when it’s next to an impossible to pry your dancing feet away from the infectious beat. Even the bathroom queue’s becomes a swing-song-groove spot where no foot is left untapped.

Dance Choreographer Martha Graham once said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”  In that case , Balkan music must be a gateway to another realm.  A realm in which we kick up the dirt and party with pigs (and damn musical pigs at that).

Speaking of pigs, our favourite Balkan Pig crept out of the barn and headed into the city. No, I’m not talking about a talking pig called Babe. I’m talking about the mischievous DEADPI9. Little is still known about the pig in question but he does seems to have a flurry of followers, since rising from the gypsy day of the dead. I’m sure snapping up fans in the after life is more then a pig can dream of. In fact this little piggy seems to be a complete hit, so much so that people were begging him to stop.

Well… Not really. Not loud enough for him to hear anyways. It’s just… well, it turns out that it is really hard to keep up a pig.

Unlike the mystical component of  the nights proceedings which where made up of ;Death, fallen angels,bounty hunters, naughty natives, vegan alligators, meat eating plants, marooned explorers, tribal dancers;  the more classical human element of the celebrations danced the skins off their poor little feet.

So it was for this reason, and this reason alone, that crowds pleaded for a reprieve. A moments silence. A chair. A lump of dry gravel on which they can rest their souls and catch their spirits. Of course any true balkanologist will tell you that there will be none of that.

I’d have to agree. Despite the inkling sensation that I have potentially committed dance-floor murder to my own precious feet, I kept oomphing away with a twirl ,here and there, spellbound by the vibrations of perhaps one of my better NYE’s parties. Plus I’m a music addict… I just can’t help it.

I mean really, with a line up as delectable as CIRCUSWING, DUSTY HUMAN, MAORIGINAL, TOBY2SHOES, KIMON, JAN VAN BEATMIX, Chris Coolumbus, DJ Darwin, Bart ‘The Muz’ Dias, Vasco da Karma you just know it’s going to be better then good.

… And so it was.

Relive the experience and make every moment  a Nu World Beat by reliving a sizzling set by awesomeness Dusty Human:

(***warning***  the following contents may cause your body to twitch uncontrollably and your feet to follow their own rhythm. Other side effects include the urge to scream HOPA, smiles, and an all over happy sensation. Click on the image at your own joy. Repeated clicking is advised. Kicking yourself in the butt for missing this party for any alternative reason is deemed a  highly common after effect. Don’t say that you were not warned***)



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