You have been warned…

I love watching people’s reactions each and every time I whip out my favourite Tee.

Never knowing what to expect, I read into people’s faces and they see me whisking around the bustling streets claiming volatile thoughts of shooting people.

Let’s get one thing clear…

Does anyone else see the classic old school photography camera?It’s pretty hard to miss it. Or so I would think.In fact I’m pretty sure the message is as clear as clear can be.


I once was approached my a rather agro Grand Ma Ma who was clearly horrified by my choice of apparel. According to her, it was people like me that are completely responsible for the war in Iraq. She was shocked by the blatant hate speak and even pulled over cop.Sheez.

The poor guy was pretty decent (aka did not arrest me) . he shot me a finger in the shape of a gun (clearly an old school western fan) and tapped his cap in an old-fashioned manner, but his smirk was pretty unmistakable. He must have spent heaven knows how long trying to explain my Tee to the not so sweet old lady. I had enough amusement by this stage and went on my way.

Most people stare endlessly trying to figure it out. They don’t seem to get it. I must admit that  this is not a great statement re the level of intellect walking out the streets out there. Besides, I’m beyond explaining the obvious.

Some point.

Some run after me begging for the directions to the store.

Some Gal even offered me 300 bucks to take it off and pass it on. (Hell No. My Precious)

Feeling brave and sexy enough to handle all the lookabouts (and stop traffic) I whisked out my awesome Tee and headed into town to hang out with a friend of mine. She’s an awesome photographer herself and had a good laugh about it.

After hours of catching up, we finally headed back to the sweltering heat of a 39 degree city landscape… Then just after saying goodbye the stares started again. A groupie cottoned onto the idea and begged me to spare his life, while two guys balled over on the pavement in front of me pretending to get shot. It took then a while to peel themselves off the curb. I didn’t actually stay around to see them get up – does that make me a suspect???


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