keeping up with the Resolutions

Some time ago, perhaps even a couple weeks ago, you made you NYE Resolutions. Then Big Bang Shebang the clock strikes 12 and you get caught up in the moment. Maybe you were a stubborn little goat and decided to stick to it for the first week of the year.

The real question is how’s that working out for you right about now. More importantly, if you slip up once or twice will you cave in and postpone it till next year or do you sweep it under the rug and try again…?

One of my resolutions was a little vague. Basically its to complete 20 things on my 43things list. I’ve only listed 39/43 must to make the challenge that much more intense. One of those things is to blog more. So here is the reminder. In my face. The oath. Written in blood streaked paper cut fingers (coz it sounds so much more dramatic doesn’t it)….



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