Dancing under the pale full moon _an unofficial Balkanology post

Before I even get started there are a few things I have to say when it comes to Balkan Beat Box and Balkanology….

Firstly let me draw attention to our dear friend The Wind…

Seriously, and I mean really, now why did you have to go and do that? I get it, you’re macho and super strong and a tour de force. I also know that just about everyone wants to see Balkan Beat Box. The real question is did you have to go and get so ra-ra about the whole thing. Next time I suggest something a little more playful and tantalising and not all this mambo jumbo stuff. With such sexy beats, don’t you know better than to go getting all forceful. Memo, no one likes that kinda thing. Honestly it really is your fault. ***Showoff***



Secondly I direct a comment to the dear Tobey2Shoes.

A master of the decks and cleverfully crafted design… Is it just me or has the Tob sold out to more commercial beats. Has the balkan fame gotten a little too much? If I wanted to hear that doof doof hip hop commercial stuff, I wouldn’t be at Balkanology now would I. I’m hear for true party starter Balkan beats.

Here piggy pi9 … come out and rekindle that Balkan fever.

PS, just something to think about coz a load of people are thinking and saying the same thing. But I do love you still….


Thirdly, to the Balkanology team. For always pushing the limit. For always moving forward. For always topping the previous gig and making my life all the more challenging. HOPA. I’m running out of things to write. Perhaps I should just post a milky way rating and tune into some more beats.


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