It’s official.kinda.

On the fringe, down town, in a once bustling parking lot… overcome by darkness, overcome by tempestuous winds, overcome by the glare of city life… we find ourselves clutching our frills and feathers as we cross the street to the safety of den.

The music lures you into its playful imagination, providing you with just the right kind of escape of you’re daily former 9 to 5 self. No matter how ra-ra the wind bellows, the glimmer of something other encapsulates you under the watchful eye of a pale light moon.

The rooster crows, but it’s alright. It’s the start of something new and unexplored. It’s taking things to the next level. Once you step past the wired up gates, you realise that night and darkness are no longer something to curse, but rather something to celebrate.

In true Balkanology style that we did. You can’t help yourself – even the Balkanology virgins are enticed into the sway of things. Once you feel the beat, you become addicted. Furthermore just when you thought you’d seen and heard it all, or that there would be no earthly way to top up the last charade, you find yourself starry eyed and right back at the start of it. Kudos to them crazy Balkanologists for whipping out the cherries and cream.

Balkan Beat Box. 3 simple words that got everyone talking in anticipation of the biggest jol this side of 2011.

And so it was.

Beat Box that!


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