just another sunday / or the likes …

Another day in blissful paradise and the living is oh so easy… It’s made even more special if you tuck yourself away on the banks of rolling Kirstenbosch Gardens hills,and wrap your gorgeous weekend up as if it were a Christmas present. You gotta love Sundays. I sure do.

Meandering our way through the lounged up crowds we claimed a green batch and settled in, right up front. The patches of grass soon become collections of people displayed on colourful blanket textured canvases. The only thing missing was Champers and Sushi.(I’ll know to pack those next time)…

I could write about the friends, the yummy picnic boxes, the lady bugs, or table mountain – but we all came here for the same reason. I’d like to get my rose tinted shades on for this part and say that it’s all about the music. If you’re intentions are less the musically pure don’t let me know, coz I might just have to thump you.

A collective of musicians gather on stage headlined by Farryl Purkiss, Dan Platlansky, and Lady Inge Beckmann. Treats! All three musicians are artists to be admired in their own right. While a show that brings them together is the double-cream pavola of dessert treats served up under the premise of  the main course. Yes. Yumminess.

In celebration of the music, the lyrics, the singers, the song writers, the quirks, the independant thinkers, the trend setters, and not your usual suspects (*despite all their successes*) I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day – not to mention an interview with Farryl Purkiss after the show.

If I had to sum up all the parts I’d have to say something like “Haunting music have never sounded this appealing…but that’s what you get when you put three very different people together and actually take in a show. It winds you down and winds you up in all the right places. Just add friends” But seriously, it deserves everyone dusting the crumbles off their clothes and stepping up into a standing ovation. At least we settled on an encore. Seems like Dan caused an erruption of groupies the second he opened his month.You could literally spot the domino effect taking over the crowd. Fans in the making. And much deserved Dan!

That’s the great thing about shows like this. You find yourself a little braver to take a risk to open your heart to a new musical experience.  It’s enough to make you go loopy… Let’s not forget to cheer the band who enriched the experience: Fuzzy, Sean Ou Tim, and Ross Campbell … It wouldn’t be the same without you.


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