Can free music really save the music industry?

Turns out that free love can change the world… and free music can save the Music Industry. Really. I promise. It’s all compliments to a newbie solution to help Musos earn more cash and it’s bound to kick up a fuss (and loads of love dust)

You might already be in the know, or perhaps this serves as a newsflash but, Overtone has just launched a revolutionary new ticketing solution that actually rewards all your love.

Because we all pride ourselves in being top-notch SA Music lovers, we’re (that includes you too) always doing our bid to promo new bands, gigs, and sounds. Isn’t it nice to know that nowadays you actually get love back? You see Overtone Tickets has this really cool affiliate scheme that gives any happy-face the power to make waves in the industry and actually make a splash of cash.

Nice. But how’s that gonna save the world?

Well, this is where a little marketing panache comes in from the Musos perspective. They need to invest in a couple clicks and a whole lot of share… (and you don’t even need a MBA or Marketing Degree to do this)

EG STEPDOG is promo’ing a free music download track “Lauren”. If Stepdog sends you a link via any one of those super funky social media sites, the link has an invisible (and uber powerful) affiliate ID attached. If you click on that link (provided it’s sent from the band or the management) you’re saying that you want to be affiliated to the band.

In other words you’re giving them some love (and that’s an amazing currency…) Then all you do is sign up (free) and download the track. Sorted. Here’s the fun part. If you purchase anything else on the system within a year of clicking that link Overtone gives R1 to the band. Yup.  One Rand.

So when you buy tix to that rock fest, or buy a promo item ,or even another paid for music track,… you have just given R1 to Stepdog via Overtone (coz you’re cool like that).

On the flip side if you pay it forward by spreading the love, and invite your friends and they click on your superlink you make R1 too.

One Rand. One Love. Oodles of awesomeness.

Not to mention one big virtual love fest.

Now that’s our kinda Shindig! (and just in time for Valentine’s Day)


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