Review::Neo Muyanga’s “Memory of how it feels…”

3 cast members (Apollo Ntshoko, Chuma Sopotela, Andile Vellum) and a wooden box fill the black canvas of the stage.
It’s almost hard to imagine there would be any room left for anything else at all… The stage dynamic lends itself perfectly to African tales by a smoldering fireplace as music, dance, and dialogue fuse together to tell a story or 3.

The rest is complimented by a moment’s silence, a whisper, or the sweet, profound, and somewhat textured musical score fills the cracks.

Neo, once again, spell binds the audience into nothing less worthy than a standing ovation. While Galina Juritz from Coda, Nicola Du Toit of lfo music and an array of other talented musicians (Thandi Ntuli, Benjamin Jephta, Anna Telford, Natalie Mason, and Candice Martin) complete Neo’s vision.

Catch the ‘Memory of How it feels’ at the Baxter’s Golden Arrow Studio till 19th March 2011.


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