The new black carpet stars …

Another day filled with music and I once again feel like the luckiest gal in the world … Why, well I guess some people go on to call this a job, but we all really know that it’s kinda a way of life.  After all, if you’re not in it for the long hours and hard work, then you might as well hope to be a pretty face with a rich inheritance. Graced with no inheritance, no  runway charm but a pure adrenalin for music – I guess I’m this is as good as it gets.

Hanging out with friends. appreciating friends. And all the music in between (with a new look to handle to it).

All I needed now was three hats to go with all the parts of my life and this night. One as Overtone. One as a writer for Overtone and one as a rocknroller SA Music Revolutionary… The people who really count get it – and besides a hat really wouldn’t go with the look.

” Enough about me let’s talk about life for a minute” chimed Allanis Morrisette. She  may not have graced the MK  awards but kept my drive to the CTICC in a musical mode. Albeit un South African.

Once able to navigate the teeny bopper junkies camping on the skirts of the black carpet thinking that they are the shizz (aha.sure), I blonked down at the bar sipping away time till all the fab people arrive. Plus those high-pitched screams at the thought of someone famous – who wasn’t actually anywhere close – made me wanna curl my toes. In fact a certain too cool for school set of groupies set about screaming for anything that moved. Even the Janitor. This soon became a slight throbbing headache. Could it be possible to take pure love of sa music beyond the point of no return. It seemed highly possible.

I was curious at the choice of venue. The CTICC isn’t the bestest of live venues. In fact most of the actual music industry laughs it off. So the fact that this would be the venue for a live music broadcast was interesting. I guess JHB assumed it to be the spot… and took the conventional safe route.  So lets spare the obvious and say that it didn’t sound that hot.  I wonder what it sounded like from the comfi seater in my lounge….

But I wasn’t on my sofa. I was strutting down the red carpet with all the bright lights and flashes. Not of which were pointed at me, but that’s understandable considering that I was doing some of the pointing.

What would be interesting would be the same awards targeted to the rest of SA. It’s all so very Afrikaans. My Afrikaans is nie te sleg nie. Crap. I think I even messed that up. Oh well, at least you know that I’m authentic.  You see, there were some people I thought would clearly win. You’d think Tweenies would eat up Locnville and they didn’t even get airplay. Instead some surprize Afrikaans acts pulled it speechless, and I must say I don’t know them all that well. So I walk away with homework….

The usual review is in the usual spot. I’m curious to know if you know where that is.

Apologies for the bobbing headcats. these are the things I have to deal with. Besides, what’s the pressure to be a pro at all times. I’m just as much as a junkie as the rest of the sa music revolutionaries. Deal with it.


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