Musical Bugs

Forget Ladybugs and musical chairs. There seems to be a new viral bug going around and it’s found my vice _ Music.

This might look pretty harmless but do not be fooled… that’s what it wants you to think. It’s actually pretty damn lethal. I should know… I’ve spent the better part of think week wrestling these creepy crawlies.

It all started with the MK awards. I was thrilled to be invited for both Overtone and the SA Music Revolution. As the events wrapped up we made our way to a really overcrowded Assembly … and this is where things started to gnaw.

Originally I wrote it off to buzz and way too many people crammed into one space. I felt offish. All of a sudden I was dizzy and I felt really sick. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to get out… and that’s where things blurred.

I made it home eventually, taking the long way back, curled up on the sofa and blanked out the world …. and then I got better.

The mystery of the sudden ‘bug’ got me thinking of tampered drinks and all sorts of other imaginable. Thankfully the feeling only invading the last part of the MK Music experience….

Until Ramfest. Packing up I felt the bug bite again…. and to refrain from cursing publically… I had to let my RAMFEST experience go from my clutching grasp. I know I did the right thing – but I can’t help feeling damn sad and lousy.

How dare a bug come between me and my music?


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