listening into those Red Blooded Years_album review

When you listen to an album for the very first time, having heard none of the songs before, and feeling like a complete virgin, you wonder if it will live up to your expectations.

There’s a reason you picked up that specific cd.
Chances are you’re a fan already.
However let’s take that out the mix (and reserve my junkie options about this particular band).

What does that leave you with?

A promise, a note of recommendation, and a catchy design cover. In a room filled with music, in your favourite commercial store, all you have is the artist-name and portrait the artist chooses. This portrait hopes to best capture the mood held in the casing within.

It’s that image that should spark something. Catch you’re eye. Move you in such a way that it draws you in…and takes you into it’s hold…


“Holding on to a breathe in mid-air
I know what you want
But I don’t know how to take you there
Holding on to a breathe in mid-air
I’ll never be brave enough to keep you here”



Alas aKing doesn’t have this problem. The second you press play you know you made the right choice.

A great track list with music to move to with the seal of masterful production by Theo Crous.

Tracks to listen out for… all of them. Seriously, don’t even think of pressing the skip / random button. Instead give each track its due foot tapping respect.

But if you really need to go for favourites give special attention to the bands personal favourite  ‘Catch a light’ which gives you a glimpse into what could be, and personal first time standouts ‘cut throat tongue and razor’ ; Laudo lullabies ‘holding on’  and the catchy tune you’ll love to replay  ‘weak man’s world’.

Haven’t bought a copy yet? Well what are you waiting for. It has a nod of approval.






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