Let’s meet at the end of the world and have a party …

The RTD crew (Rocking the Daisies if you live under the rocks) sure know how to throw a pumpin party

pumpin’ Def://Urban Dictionary // meaning : Awesome, off the chain, dope, bad ass, etc.

Feet Thumping. Music Pumping. Wind Pumping and just plain FUN !

Firstly there was music to CHOO CHOO too :: (clickedy click)

Let’s face it. When it comes to Cape Town most people think it’s a schlep to do anything other then chill in the immediate vicinity. A few exceptionally adventurous Cape Townians have been know to road-trip outside of their patios/ back gardens. Still for most – it’s a schlep.

So RTD aka STS (seriously you need to get down with the lingo) throws a party at the end of the world. I can hear the alarm bells ring. Driving out to Cape Point is like lank far dude. Not to mention all those hot surf spots along the way that tend to claim casualties.Loads of them.

So the RTD crew put a good idea to use (along with stylish Captain Planet outfits) and set a new -easy-to- use-solution into place. The Choo Choo Train.  As part of an initiative by Carling Black Label – there won’t be any drinking and driving happening … (until you get back to your car…). Most importantly there’s no excuse not to be there.  Long gone are the excuses or getting lost, side tracked, or how lank far away the end of the world is (and I’m not talking about 2012 either). All you had to do was buy your ticket. Arrive. Prioritise.  When in doubt – follow the flock….

See it’s not that hard now is it?

Alas, no train ride for me. Now that would have been a schlep  considering I live 10 minutes away from said venue and towns 40 minutes away in the other direction…. besides I know that railway line pretty well back in the varsity days … so I could relive every crank, bump, shwoosh, view, and lack of view if I really wanted to.

Welcome to my side of the world. Hold on to your dancing shoes

Let’s not forget the dear wind which happened to be in a rather tempestuous and boisterous mood on that day. Kudos to the event organisers and the venue to making the necessary adjustments and the good vibrational state of party mind of all those in attendance.

Then came the part that all us junkies live for. The Music.

Music lovers enjoyed a day of drinking, eating and dancing to some serious beats. The crowd was entertained by some of South Africa’s favourite acts: aKING, Honey B, Jeremy Loops Feat. Trak, Hot Water, James Copeland, Edit & Run and Mix n Blend.

And then all was said and done.

The last beat played.

The last slurp sipped.

…and all that remains on the ‘sleepy side of the world’ are the posters….


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