To Be or not to Be :: A tribute to the future King and Queen

Joining millions around the world in perfect British weather for a royal affair … well a legitimate one at that … as a new age fairytale comes to life. I must admit I’m excited. It’s not everyday that history changes, the dreams scale such heights, or that the Beckams arrive at your wedding steps…. Let’s just say it’s a little starry-eyed.

My lack of internet connection (I’m think I have an addiction) allowed me to contemplate this post more than the usual blogger or media junkie. Instead of joining the lemming brigade of quick posts and overloads – it allowed me to mature a perspective and contemplate over what I really want to say. It also puts pressure on the situation to come to a unique and fresh perspective to review an event viewed by millions and blogged by hundreds-of- thousands.

And so by breaking all conventions (like starting a sentence with a scandalous ‘and’) here is what I want to say ::

Be the King and the Queen you want to be. You don’t need to cradle-snatch Harry (or Potter) to live out your fairytale.

The Queen might not agree, reserving the luxury of titles and refinement to select few, or give the ‘common’ person the chance to change their stars.

Yet let’s remember that a certain Knight (be it of Hollywood creation) did.

We are all Kings and Queens of our own lives so stop being a Paige or a Chapter.

One of the clergy said it himself. Every marriage sees a person being a King and Queen. The real thing is that it does not take a marriage to be one. You don’t need to stand at a foot of an alter or dress up beyond anything more than what you have on you now. Stop waiting to live your life. Your Fairy God Mother’s kinda busy too …. And (again with the and) don’t you dare go asking for her if you stomp your feet saying you don’t believe in fairies. You might as well be shooting yourself in the foot.

Stop waiting for magic. Create it. Just without frogs legs and spiders hairs or anything else mentioned in the recipe below:: <<wait for it, I told you I’m out internet connection. click again another day>>

On a #RoyalWedding note :: There is nothing wrong with pausing to reflect on the marriage of true monarchy (though I admit I know little of this matter) or choosing to live your own life oblivious to glueing vital body parts into media outlets. Both are valid and worthy approaches IF you choose them.

During the proceedings leading up to the event and those two sun-streaked kisses, I came across a lot of different perspectives.

Some snubbed the wedding as a media ploy; others generally couldn’t care less or feel more removed from the situation. Some lived every frame, retweeted every tweet, wore the flag, and bought the book. Some people value their own life story over that of Kate (more regally known as Katherine). All are equally right. I don’t know the Prince or Kate any more you do. I don’t have any affiliation to Britain and I’ve never even been there. I have a job to do and a life to lead and I’m not taking the day off because of it. (I struggle with the amount of public holidays we have already). But I do believe in changing your stars and that every girl starts out as a princess. In that moment of history their story became a part of mine. Not a huge world-changing hippie revival part of my life – but one of those moments that define the world I live in.

I’m kind of glad I got to see it.

Firstly I love happy endings and melt away at the idea of a loved up couple, Kings and Queens, and becoming a Princess (although that is not on my agenda) … Secondly, it’s amazing that some events transcend the world and have the power to bring people together in a spectacular fashion (… there was plenty of that about – and I loved her lacy wedding dress…). Thirdly, the simple fact that it reminded me that I need to be the Queen of my own life….

  ◄◄Once upon a time ◄◄

(( (Insert the making of a fairytale here) ))

 ►►and they lived happily ever after ►►

No matter where you started out or how you started out you can still get your happy ending. You just got to know what it is that you are looking for and make a royal call to pursue it. Choose your battles. Fight your fights. Indulge in your victories. Smile and wave.

Smile and wave.


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