all that glitters aint gold …

There’s something magical about his palette. Perhaps he melts gold and dusts it over with the flick of his paint brush. If ever there was an artist that could hold every wall of every room that I’ll ever own it’s Gustav Klimt…!

Lucky Clover ! I’ve already started my collection with this signature piece: The Kiss … and yes you can say ohh-la-la!!

Seriously, I want his colour palette… I want to turn my world around in a haze of golden glow … ! I am, no doubt in that very process of self indulgence, chocolate fused decadence and earthy tones. Of all the painting I’ve seen, each woman holds a mystery, content, and pure bliss. Forget Le Mona Lisa – there’s a story to be told – there’s a secret we all share. It’s Golden!

I tried making gold without the help of a lepricon and can up with my own creation… I’m no Gustav or Monet but I’m damn proud to call this a Lena Ski creation:

I painted this a few years back. My second post High School paint. Early twenties of the Lena Ski era … It’s got its own close about it. It’s own shroud of secrecy … and I’m pretty damn stocked on my execution of blue and my attempts to make gold. Think what you what – everyone’s a critic – how about saying something nice.

Enough about me. Here are a couple more reasons why Gustav is the Greatest Artist in my eye. Can’t wait to get my hands on the following prints : (place your orders people)

I think its love. definitely Love.

… and the fact that deep down… much like gold … we’re damn amazing too …

So be Golden! (Ponyboy)


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