The Art of Running …

Running is something I have yet to learn to appreciate. Well, more likely overcome. I just can’t seem to catch up and my feet are lagging behind. Being as determined as I am, I’m committing myself to overcoming the huffs and puffs that confine my tedious nature and break free of the treadmill.

Not that i’m a tredmill kinda gal* how boring…. I mean geez at least try some green and blue on for size !!!

In life you’re always running.

I’m not talking about that chaotic thing you swear is the pace you live by…. I’m talking about something deeper. And the best news is you don’t need to keep running away all the time.Make a choice. Runaway or run towards something….

Find what you want and pounce on it. Don’t leave it up to the guys coz frankly they rather booze and fluff their own mane.

Take a step back to re-DEFINE yourself.

So I’m setting off on my expedition to my soul … and being completely SELFISH  in the process. Frankly  I couldn’t care less what you think. If you’re not the leading lady / guy in your own story then sort your self out!!!

It’s my time to rule and I’m headset to make the most of it!

So here’s to my new adventure list and life plan. More importantly ME!

***If you wanna be my adventure buddy get it touch ***

Adventure Buddy =

I’m not jumping into spark infested waters, sleeping with spiders or jumping out of airplanes.

Well at least not any time soon.

I’m looking for someone who’s looking to change their world around and live their own adventure.

I know we all commit to learning a new language, starting that project, getting fit, or leaving that guy, and then damn a year later we don’t change a thing. You know those resolutions we swwp away or prop up on a glamourous bucketlist that we wear with pride while the dust settles over layer 35…. So lets bite the bullet coz we can.


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