Post Apocalypto | The SAMA Saga

Pinch Yourself!

Yes, it really happened.

And yes you’re still here!!!

The world didn’t end yesterday …But you might do a double take with hiccups all over the show at the #SAMUICAWARDS aka SAMA17.

Seems like today (post Apocalypto ) isn’t very different. The official picture gallery says it all:

I was really excited about heading up and receiving an invite from the SAMA team. Esp after the MK awards. Alas, that didn’t happen. (You know how these things go) Yet right about now I’m glad that I ended up snuggling up to my sofa throughout the ordeal. I’m a music junkie and I’m all for SA Music and spreading the love and appreciation but this was just a little unnerving. Ain’t that the peril of LIVE TV?

Music & Politics! Not my favourite blend… not at all…and  surely not something that should be forced upon anyone.

So the ANC won the elections. Kudos. But seriously giving credit to ‘shoot the boer’ and smearing everything turning it into something cheap and dirty is sooooooo sad. I never saw so many leeches in one space … with a mic … LIVE. #letitgo You said it. Once. Twice. Sounding like a broke record tripping over your own words. Not Classy. Not Classy at all.

Apart from Politics – the entire awards were in shambles :  Tweeting @jadenetager this morning she had this to say “unfortunately I missed watching my very first SAMA’s live because our row of allocated seating didn’t exist..” Yes. The Bermuda Triangle is officially located in SAMAville. It’s the end of the world …! Those damn tokoloshe !!! What on earth were they thinking… Were they thinking…. And if they can’t get the seating right, that puts a whole lot more pressure on the rest of the show.I feel hateful saying all this but it’s no secret … and the industry (and media) are pretty peeved.

Cheap aint Sweet. It’s really that simple.

You’re treading on a fine line … like an head in the clouds acrbatic. Potentially losing a sponsor … and getting bad press everywhere you turn. I hope you learn from the experience….

SAmusic is something that is personal to a lot of us … you’ve taken something that means a lot to us and washed it over with your own agenda and mismanagement. I don’t even know what was going via the producers head as he watched everything unfold. Live TV can be a curse. But its something that can be charmed too.

  • Threatening to censor your Host and not following through is a no no. How many second chances are you dishing out? After that ‘delightful’ intro from Phat Joe you scared your reputation. You lost a lot of viewers. You lost a couple bums on seats. You may have lost your sponsor. Did you really think he’d stick the script? Didn’t you know he has a reputation?
  • Misspelling Phat Joe as Fat Joe ahead of the SAMA madness should’ve been a red flag… No one likes homework, but sometimes you just gotta do it!
  • Why do the winners always sit so far away from the stage? It’s a long walk to freedom but does it really have to be. I guess you can’t be held accountable for this one… between unreserved seating and bad role models… this one might just take a while…
  • But its practical. Think about it. The quicker it takes for the winners to get up, the more time to play with. Then you don’t cut out the nominees (something the people actually enjoy) and leave your hosts and guest speakers standing on the stage like a deer in headlights. PJPowers face said it all.
  • Here’s an idea. Next time you pay homage to all those that passed away it might be worthwhile including a picture and tagging the name of the band or act. How may people knew who on earth you were talking about. Not everyone is as SA MUSIC educated as you guys are….
  • I’ll let you figure out the rest… yes there was more… actually one last thing. What were the camera guys filming. Who was cutting the shots? and SABC needs to sort out those broadcasting delays.

But Well Done on the high fashion, the Vusi performance and adding Die Antwoord in as a suprised guest. JR delivered a fun and vibrant stage show. So you had a couple goodie points. Maybe even goodie bags. I’m not to sure. I’ll share that special SAMusic performance with you as soon as I find it. The SAMA site’s not being that friendly.

I’ll leave you with this instead. I love the fusion of classical and Die Antwoord. It took a little over 1 minute 20 to figure it all out …. hear the crowds roar…. Wait till you see the real thing. If it ever materialises that is:

It’s Done. Dusted. Creamed. No second chances on that one.


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