Album Review in progress | MacGyver Knife

MacGyver Knife’ is an Indie-Rock band based in Cape Town. Their music is built on rolling-riffs and foot-tapping drums and bass. Fueled with a raw, old-school sound, balanced with an adventurous, strangely unique Capetonian edge, it has aptly been described as ‘inspired and ferocious and hot.

The first time I heard the music of MacGyver Knife I thought they were pretty cool … possibly even the making of the next thing…

Then the music stopped…

The instruments collected dust, the empty music sheets scattered with spiders, and the studio abandoned. Life has a way of taking over – especially when you’re on standby waiting for that call.

These Doctors turned muso returned to their doctoring ways … until now. The music was never far behind …

Tonight it all comes together again. They launch their next album at Zula Sound Bar . They’ll be on just after 10… so that should give you just enough time to get there. After all I’m not even going to wonder why you’re not there to start off with… puts the phenomenon down to ‘… a growing arsenal of fantastic songs. These are big, bold, sweeping, heart-on-its-sleeves songs that fill up the room and all the hearts therein’ calls their music ‘edgy and catchy, with each song being different to the next and just as brilliant. Listening to MacGyver Knife, one might hear echoes of top international acts such as Incubus, Radiohead, Hoobastank or the Smashing Pumpkins.’ called them ‘an exciting and visually pleasing band, with a good stage act and presence, who had the girls screaming for more when they weren’t singing the choruses to all of the songs.’

So our praise is equally echoed. Firstly Welcome back boys. I’d ask what took you so long. I’m just glad that the sound found you. I’m even happier that you chose to share sound with the rest of us.

When the album came across it had a little note attached – ps, pity about the bad production quality. Listening to it in all effect, yes, perhaps better production quality would have been great – but somehow this just fits. It has the charm of a sound long forgotten on the stages of Woodstock. It’s arty in that regard – and why shouldn’t it be. That and Timeless. Legends back to front. Very Mysterious. Very old school. Uber cool. Happy-ish Hippy-like, sounds to sway too, infected with a lot of love and strum along chords.

**** Just go with the flow **** and make sure you see and hear the real live thing!

Favourite tracks. Now you’re asking for too much… Let me just say this. Although they don’t have the leading vocals of aKing – this album gets me in the exact same way… That’s worth breaking out in the middle of the week for … Thinking about it this sound would go pretty well with a Kings of Leon gig…. really well.

If you haven’t seen them live yet, there is only one question any Knife fan will ask you: ‘whatcha gonna do?’ You’ll understand soon enough.


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