time is on my side (yes it is)

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.

It’s amazing that we can get so caught up in the moment and completely blindsided by it as well…

It’s like your life is living you as opposed to you living your life and the next thing we know BAM its next week / next year.

You end up chasing your tail like a puppy wondering where it went. Trying to justify every tick of the clock or a diary full of blank pages…. You don’t actually have to but you do need to be accountable for it and how you spend your time.After all it’s your life. Now one else can live it for you.

Last week I took the week off to work on a film shoot because it was a better use of my time. Maybe societal conventions would have said its taboo (esp if I’m supposed to be running a company solo).

It was worth it.

Apart from meeting the most amazing of cast and crew, becoming famous, and rekindling my long-lost passion for photography, it was my way of claiming time. Sure film sets can be notorious places to waste time sitting around waiting for something to happen – but I got the best of all worlds.

Best news is the Sky did not come crashing down!

The world didn’t end (but rather a new chapter beginning) and life as we know it is still thriving. Hoorah!

It’s my life mission these days to be utterly selfish… and so far I’m winning! I’m not talking about the na-na-na-na-na type (counting na’s on one hand) but a true in your face I know what I want kinda revolutionary. (without the cuts and bruises and fowl make it or break it attitude).

I met this inspired amazing wonder woman on set called Amelia Henning. We had this exact chat! Talk about collective conscienceness to the max!!!

So here’s my little parting thought. More of a question really …

Would you rather choose discomfort over boredom ???

Think about it…. whichever answer you pick really does explain a lot …. So I’ll wrap up this post with rolling stones passing by singing the fitting title track.


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