Behind the scenes …

From your perspective it’s a joyride …

It’s seems to be as easy as pie …

What more can you ask for (apart from a refill on your popcorn). In reality, the life of movies aint nearly that glitzy. One thing we do have in common however is stilling around for long spells.

Didn’t they tell you that the film industry ain’t all that glamorous. There are foodfights, wrenching small intestines (which they claim to be an appendix), and all the pics to prove it.

Mi-Shall productions shot a trailer this past week in anticipation of a feature film.

So here’s my little punt to help raise awareness for the flick while it’s still stuck in edit :)

Perhaps I caught you in a giving mood … ?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

A un-assuming blog post tugging at your heart / wallet leaving a wonderful contribution to an SA Film that needs to be told.


Enough Marketing.

Lets get to all those pretty pictures ….and leave sleeping babies in a happy ‘I’m with mama’ place before we hit the core of the heart of darkness.

Here’s a pic of me (left) and Michelle (Mi-Shell Productions) on set in between takes.

Note the hollywood big shades brigade.

That’s about as glamorous as it gets.

6am call times on set are a luxury. I think this day we even pushed it for 8am.I recall getting a call sheet with 4am on it once (in my other film set life). Considering most locations need a gps to find (I don’t do northern suburbs) by the time you get home and settle in its 8/9pm and you need to be up in a couple of hours.

Filmset living is a way of life.I’ve never been on a feature set (rephrasing: never worked on a feature set) but I can just imagine the pure devotion.

Apart from the odd grumpy face and bottomless cups of coffees we’re still smiling… and I’m hooked to dig up my script and flutter in the winds of action :)








3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes …

  1. Whhhhooohoooo Miss Lena_Ski. The big shades suit ya … so do all those creative endevours :)

    Still – there’s something about filmsets that makes everyone pull over and take pictures. It must be hard work but its the most awesome job ever. Esp if you’re the cast. Perks without having to break a sweat doing heavy lifting.

    And I love the new look / feel of the blog … time to get those trigger fingers out !!!

    1. … roadkill has the same effect on people and there is nothing glam about that.
      I guess anything that’s different has that effect on someone somewhere….

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