Life is the tickets

On occasion there is a splash of razzle dazzle that makes it all the more worthwhile….

Overtone Tickets is giving away 4 X double tickets to this snazy little capetown fashionista  taking place this coming thursday. Happiness and red carpet living :)

Not to mention an excuse to go shopping…

A girls gotta be able to hold her own on the red carept esp when it’s going to be filled with Berry G latest cocktail dresses and evening gowns. Then again it’s winter… so it’s a little more tricksey to balance sheek and goosepimples. Wonder how the gals of FHM pull off all those bikini shoots ….

I do love my jeans but there has to be more to life then demin. I just don’t know what it is. (I know that must sound terribly Zoolander-ish, but its true.) I’m hoping my buds at Glamour might be able to help me out. Tho what are the chances of remembering an intern …

If you want to win tickets to the event simply follow the link embedded in the image …


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