“Fake it till you make it”

I know someone who swears by this rule. Her name is Robyn Hobson.And judging by where’s she at  – the rule seems to work.

Sometimes you gotta have your fingers in a lot of pies, sometimes to need to buckle down and make pies, and sometimes nothing cuts cake like brownie points….

I went for a pitch with a client the other day (and I’m really pulling out all the stops to land this gig) and they were bowled over by my age. More exactly the amount of things I have done in correlation to my age. Sometimes it comes across as a huge compliment and other times you wish you invested in grandma panties or wore your “I look 10 years older outfit” to the meeting that day.

If that’s the case – then you need you need to pull out one of those big league stunts. Seriously – talent beats age hands down!

I responded “I started early ”  which is the hands down truth. While studying I was already working my way up the Theatre World and testing the water on working on commercials. I’m a sink or swim kinda gal. (Tho In the real world by backstroke ain’t that sizzling … )

Speaking of swimming, I literally just got an email asking me if I could write an article about :single parenting, LPN programs or  small bathtubs.

Well. I honestly didn’t see that coming….


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