Life as a Socialite

Don’t get me wrong – I like a good party …. but these gals are taking things to a whole new level. Yup. Instant Celebness for strutting around, flashing skin, and soaking in unabridged abundance.

I admit – Some of it looks like a helluva load of fun! (As long as big brother isn’t watching)…

But more than over it is DRAMA capitalised. Take an industry that’s already buzzing on its own ambition and dangle star dust and watch it unfold… Intriguing to the naked eye, sensational on the other side of the red carpet … but how many people can actually cut it. (Are you even supposed to cut it at all?)

I am busy contemplating a move into the socialite scene in terms of lining up a friend rather than actually doing the deed … , while another friend starts a reality show … It’s inevitable I guess …. as long as you know that all that glistens ain’t gold…. Either way I am going to be watching closely… because just like the rest of you…. I’m de-dazzled.

One little note to the producers:: NYC living looks like a gem, and thanks for the tourism booster upper, but I pray that SA socialites and entertainers get a chance to razzle and sparkle without having to get out right dirty.

Don’t get me wrong – I like a good party …. but these gals are taking things to a whole new level.  The Entertainment Industry isn’t all that … and as fun as it can be …. I still like to feel the ground beneath my feet and keep it real.


One thought on “Life as a Socialite

  1. oh dear! just noticed the grading on this framegrab. Yikes. It looks like someone set a bucket of leeches free on set …. actually that sounds rather fitting (just saying)

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