Lucky Charms and White Stallions

Seems like 2011 is the year of fairytales or the next best thing….

Catching a Prince must be hard work…

Ask any Disney Princess and I am sure that they will tell you the same thing.

Keeping a Prince is another matter all together…

Once you managed that you have to be 1001% dedicated to being a Princess (that’s the hard part). Somehow Kate (Katherine) and Charlene make it look like a stroll in the park … but the nailbiting wedding just proved how serious the whole affair really is.

I’m still sticking to my guts on this one …. wishing Charlene every happiness… and that Albert behaves like a good old fashioned quality Prince.

Looking at a scrapbook of images via google they really look happy – but rumours and nerves can go a long way too.

My romantic counterpart says that ‘life’s a peach’ but there’s something on the other end that makes me feel a little nervy…. The ever winking Prince gave me far too little hope.

Maybe they are just both very very very shy? Time will tell.


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