A Successful Mess by Robynesque

Miss Robynesque and I have started our own little creative challange that’s getting a million wild looks … I just love this post soooo much that I had to repost it. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

A Successful Mess

She paints her face with careful strokes

Re-thinks her repertoire of jokes

Shakes out her hair, straightens her skirt

Undoes two buttons on her shirt


Her perfume scents the stilted air

The mirror-image styled with care

Inwardly, trying hard to suppress

A quaking heart, her mental mess


“Successful, witty, beautiful”

Words that describe her worth in full?

A woman, fine in form and face

Epitomising poise and grace


So…why the searing snake of doubt?

What is this primal fear about?

She gave a man her heart and hence

He’s robbed her of all common sense


The litany could make her crack:


A voice berates, hour after hour

Self-love denied, he has that power


She steps into stiletto heels

So tall…yet small is how she feels

Picks up her purse, steals one last glance

And wonders…is this my last chance?


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