Live in 3D

Chatting to a friend online the next morning I mentioned that I had gone to see Dragonflies and Astronauts :: The 3D Parlotones Concert. After a brief pause I expected her to ask what it was like.

Instead she asked me ” SO. You actually paid to go and see that show?” I could feel the sneer in the clenching fingers.

“No, I was invited to go and see the show” I replied.


– silence

“But I would have paid to go and see it – I was really curious to see what it was all about”  I left the chat at that.

Like ’em or hate ’em…

You have to admit it – these guys are blasting their way and turning a whole lot of heads. Perhaps one of the most commercially viable bands to come out of S.A.

These guys are all about playing it big league.

The Parlotones are a truly force to be reckoned with so you might as well stop rolling your eyes. Really – stop rolling your eyes – because you know its true. The best news is you don’t like them to be able to appreciate them for everything they worked so hard for.

Personally I’d love to see more bands hitting these marks – and the talent pool is overflowing – so instead of moaning get out there, break a sweat, and gig like there is no tomorrow. And don’t you dare blame it on empty wallet or beer filled belly!

Now that we got all those pretenses out the way let’s try to stick the topic at hand. Life in 3D.

Sitting in the dark movie house sporting those trendy 3D shades I looked at the black screen. Hmmmm. While the roar of love and appreciation from those open to call themselves true fans filled the empty space – I shuffled in my seat.

Any moment now something big was about to happen…

Alas the awkward intro fell flat… 

The camera was at an awkward angle rom what appeared to be the balcony. The 3D sensation was under capitalised but the cramp in my neck felt more than real. (so kudos to making it feel like we got the cheap seats)

You’d thing the first few flashes of 3D would be mind-boggling – so I gave them a little more time to build it up.

Kahn seemed so one dimension as he was projected onto the screen (the perfect chance to get trigger finger happy with all those 3D effects).

3D chitchat aside : the lighting was great … very ethereal.

Then she appeared in all her creation and I thought to myself WOW #CTFW would have left the room in shame after seeing that spellbinding creation. It was right about here (still in the opening sequence – still in the first track) that I painted a smile on my face . I studied the opulent details and wondered at the pure creativity that encapsulated it.  She looked stunning. Like something straight Fantasia.

Then I got bored. She didn’t really do much. She walked up and down on this makeshift runway for a little too long, carrying a flickering ball. Again the 3D experience stumbled about missing a series of great opportunities as it favoured establishing shots over close-ups and static over movement. It was pretty – really pretty – and I still had to give them credit … but I was twiddling my thumbs now…

All I wanted was to have the show start (which is not a great thought to have considering it already had)

As for the rest of it. Spellbinding Extrodinaire. If ever there was a musical show to see on the SA Music Front – this would be it. It’s right up there with any international experience. This cleverly crafted ‘musical’ delivers everything you would come to expect from a blockbuster:

Sentational multi dimensional sets , fascinating charectors, intriguing costumes, and a story as old as time itself. LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING.

It’s dark – It’s light – It’s comical – It’s tragic : I’m fascinated with people who can’t see the value in this. Who brand the band as dark and sedistic becuase there is a devil in the show.

It’s visual. It’s auditory. It’s life in 3D.  It’s Music (my favourite) : Each song was cleverly picked to reflect a point in time / emotion in the story. It’s not the music video. It’s not what you many have even come to expect. Its called artistic intpretation. Is that bite size enough for you?



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