Just a little flash of hocus pocus

Hollywood Sign
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I know this sounds terribly rude, but all I want to do is laugh.

At You.

Well, not you-you… the other you…

The you… that persona… that collective who inspired this blog post.

The you who remains spellbound by the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood Fever. And boy did you get it bad!

What on earth were you thinking? Where you thinking at all?

Well I have reasonable doubt that you thought any of it through at all.Last week I met with a “Musician” (take note the apparent use of ” ” over the word musician). You see this particular soul had never sung a day in his life. He even admitted to being tone-deaf. To top it off he’s never touched a musical instrument. However, he was convinced he was beyond talented and going to be famous! (speaking of said person guess who just called). I’m all for dreams and I’m all for changing your stars but this guy insisted on finding an investor to give him money and sell his unwritten CD worldwide.

There’s dreaming it and then there are dillusions. Yet, how does one balance that i a world filled with hocus – pocus. In this world, the Hollywood syndrome is not typecast to the streets of Hollywood. It’s oozed its way into the atmosphere like the opium of the masses, and echoed on the sneering lips of giants ::

“Baby, I’m gonna make you famous”

And then there’s YOU* busy becoming famous. In fact a little too busy becoming famous. By now the whole world knows you’re oh so busy becoming famous… it’s all we ever hear!


Really??? Famous doing what????

I’m be razzled if its something extraordinaire…. However getting famous buying shoes is not so extraordinaire.

I know this sounds terribly rude, but all I want to do is laugh.

Perhaps – here’s a thought –  comedy is best suited for you. You do know how to get people laughing. You’re perfect at those ‘oh my’ and “she didn’t just” moments. There’s something in it actually. The rest of it is a little blurry…. and at 10 000 rands per pop for ad space I just don’t see how you’re going to make it work….

You see I’m not everyone else.

I just don’t see it.

For your sake, I wish you all the bestest.

I know how much this means to you. But lighten up on the star-dust until you actually earn it.

All talk isn’t going to get you anywhere.







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