Triple Decker Party Wrecker

TGIF. It’s on everyone’s lips.

I know I’m pretty excited to be here…

Despite that any given day has a tone of Friday in my world – todays the absolute Triple Decker Party Wrecker. 3 Parties. 1 Night. Minus the blood-shot eyes.

It’s been a while since I partied it up. Staring into an endless frame of a laptop – the last night I wanted to do was hit the streets. Plus, the memo clearly states it’s still Winter! plagued with sleepiness and blood-shot eyes – I’d get to the party only to plan my escape route. Not a good way to go!

Then. Big Bang Shebang and lucky clovers – that all changed. Rested, ready, and resilient I’m razzled to paint the town ruby-red! So tonight its off to the Mutha FM launch, then chilling at theatre in the district with the pretty faced boys, and then going glam-rock at Mercury with the Graeme Watkins Projects and the Disco Boys.

From chilled nights in to 3 nights in one (and a film shoot to follow) I can tell you one thing for certain. I’m Back!



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