TGIF. Oh yes it is.

When Graeme Watkins came to fame in Idols – there was no denying that he had that special X Factor.Now the boy is all grown up and Triple Xing!

In an industry of copy cat killers (watch MTV – you’ll spot em soon enough!) it takes a lot of word to be unique and dazzling. Lemmings have it so much easier. That means there is less work to do and more beer to do. That’s where things trip up leaving just a former shadow of what could have been.

Mavericks like GWP (Kill Disco and Brothers Streep incl) are their own special breed of X … each strumming their own little (blazing) show tune.


Post It Note> I do however wish the Disco boys would have gotten dressed up to play the part though. They looked a little out-of-place between a Suit and a Renegade.

The triple-decker party bus didn’t get much further than Mercury at the end of the day!  Between Gummi Bears, catchups, meetups, facebook adventure hunts, cute guys, drunk guys, and disco balls (and the threatening loom of the flu trying to de-sass my every more) there was no leaving this place… Also knowing that I was going to be on a film set for a good few hundred hours the next day kept nagging its bedtime. Either way, after a long break from band-hopping, I was in my little element. I really do have an addition to music and I am damn proud of it !




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