Hello Creative You

We are a special breed of people.

We have our own unique fingerprint and our own special blend of paint by which we paint the world. But like the rest of human kind you still want the same things.

You’re driven to success.

You want the fame, you want the power, you just want to be understood, heard, appreciated, and adored.

But somehow somewhere you got mixed up into thinking it’s all about a lucky break…

That you need to sacrifice everything for art …That you splintered into two parts.

That you cannot survive as a whole.

My ultimate intention is to reach out to everyone who works in the creative world (marketing, design, fashion, music, film, TV, art, media, communications …) and provide a space to help co-create what ever it is that you want.

Success isn’t some story that you invented and have projected onto a screen. It’s not a vision board. It’s not anything that you tell yourself it should be. It’s about what makes you feel happy. It’s about stepping into your purpose.

If you fell INlife, you’d claim the leading role of the greatest story ever told. The question is really, what do you want to be successful at? They say that no one understands the creative mind – well I do. I’ve been there …. (I am there) so I can relate.


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