Slow Burn – Zero Day Book Review

It’s been a while since I tucked into a Horror, but I sure am glad that I did…

Bobby Adair: Slow Burn – Zero Day

Slow Burn: Zero Day makes a bang as the official welcome to the end of the world. It’s an intense, epic and apocalyptic saga.It winds itself around you- leaving you in suspense on every page.

You’ve been bitten! So you might as well just go with it (right from the get go).

Giving myself a moment to catch my breath before putting the proverbial pen to paper, what emerged for me was every nuance that was embedded in this read.

This is a story of suspended suspense, limbo, fear, disgust and the unknown. It’s about our own struggle to survive our inner wars. The kinds of wars that and gorge us from our sadistic, primal, animal-self in favor of the human-spirit. In that space, it speaks to endurance, control, hope, faith and the choice to carry on being human.

It’s interesting to read something like this from the perspective of a character who finds himself caught between two worlds. This in itself takes the classic Zombie story to a whole new level. As much as the reader learns to hate the Zombie, there’s a sort of affection towards Zed as he moves through the page between states of life and death.

Sure it’s got all that rah-rah grrrrr of blood and gore, shadows and grunts, which you would typically associate with a zombie cult piece. So if you’re into just that … you’ll be find delight in it. And if you’re squeamish or faint of heart, somehow you’ll read it as nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just part of staying alive. A necessary evil.

Prepare to tuck yourself in as the world falls apart.

Lena Ski


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