It’s about Soul


Everyone is talking about the come back of Soul.

I’m not sure it ever left. It just got padded over with popular culture and the art of being cool (or fitting in, however you choose to look at it). For all those who followed season 12 of American Idols you’ll know that soul music has got it covered.

But I’m not here to speak about Kree Harrison or even Candice Glover.

This morning, I “unwrapped” this little parcel that came across my desk and discovered Lael Summer’s debut album, Burden to Bear.

Born and raised in NYC, Lael Summer experienced the highs and lows of growing up in the heart of “the city that never sleeps.” It had a profound effect on the young singer who confesses, “there is nothing quite like the feeling of being unbelievably lost and alone while surrounded by millions of  people.You grow up fast.”

The once referred to it as not the come back of…

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