Sipping in tantalizing double bass mojo sounds with Teni


With her feet itching for the unite worlds on the world stage, Teni takes centre stage to chat about her critically acclaimed debut album “Aphrodisiac”  and a whole lot of mojo!

Her sound weaves through other dimensions, and plants itself in another paradigm. One that’s filled with soul, sensuality, and hypnotically haunting vocals. With distinctive African influence, an alternative soul makeover, and a splash of contemporary culture, it’s perfectly positioned to hit the main stream …despite the old school vibrations.

Industry insiders can’t help to wonder how this happened…
Did Sade and Fela Kuti have a love child???

“I love the classic, timeless and sophisticated. I am greatly inspired by icons like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Vaughan.” Teni says.

She was born in London, spent her early years in Lagos , returned to study History at the University College London and African Studies at SOAS for a while…

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